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All the reagent kits are imported from Germany, USA, Ireland and other countries. The Fully Automated Biochemistry Clinical Analyser from Beckman Coulter is capable of delivering 400 photometric tests per hour . It gives precise and highly accurate results. The advanced technology enables low amount of sample requirement and does away with manual involvement. The Microlab-300 from Merck is the perfect back up to ensure continuity of service.

The fully automated cell counter, Sysmex KX-21 is from Transasia. This Hematology Analyzer is 99% precise in its reports. An advanced capillary mode enables to give Complete Hemograms with pinprick drop of blood. It has a unique capability to do Thalassaemia screening. The fully automated multichannel analyser Cobas e 411 of Roche make is used for Immunological, Hormonal, Vitamin, Tumour Markers, etc.. estimation by Electro-Chemiluminiscence (ECL) technology. This equipment does precise hormone analysis and delivers upto 100 reports in one hour.

Apart from routine Histopathology & Cytopathology, this unit undertakes USG & CT Scan guided deep FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology). The FNAC reports are delivered within 48 hours. Block biopsy of specimens are done.

The department of Pathology is manned by Dr. G. Biswas, DCP, Dr. S. Mukhopadhyay , MD (Path), Dr. R. Saha, MD (Microbiology) and Dr. E. Chowdhury, PhD (Biochemistry)